Our Story

It all started with bananas. Before any dog chew was cleaned, baked and delivered, Steve Mamak, Jay Mokbel and Fede Kertzman were in the deep jungles of Bolivia, five hours from civilization and in search of ways to distribute and sell bananas. After learning of the challenges they would face exporting these products, the traveling trio decided to go back to the drawing board and brainstorm a new business idea.

Fede, an expert in goods to and from Argentina had noticed an increase in beef sales to the United States. This observation led to research and discovery of a trend quietly growing within the pet industry. 100% natural beef dog chews were gradually replacing rawhide and slowly becoming the chew of choice amongst pet owners. As dog owners themselves, Steve, Jay and Fede decided to pursue this opportunity, developing a company where transparency is the foundation.

Torito Brands was born. We partnered with local farmers where our chews were cleaned with water, baked and every chew was personally inspected. Despite our growth, this process continues.

Torito Brands has grown to over 100 products under Nature Gnaws, Che Dog and Private Label. Each standing proudly by their name, providing only simple, natural and delicious dog chews.

Our Team

Our Management

Steve Mamak

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jay Mokbel

Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer

Fede Kertzman

Co-Founder & Chief Supply Officer

Our Supply Chain Team

Ariosto Matellini

Production Manager

Ariosto Matellini Jr.

Production Manager

Dany Kertzman

Supply Manager

Tomas Mulcahy

Supply Manager

Leandro Acosta

Supply Manager

Our Marketing Team

Lyndsi Stafford

Marketing Director

Rocio Hernandez

Che Dog Manager

Avery Brandt

Graphic Designer

Our Operations Team

Andrea Rodriguez

HR Manager

Carmen Restrepo

Business Manager

Eloy Torres

Business Analyst

Mayeli Holland

Finance Manager

Cilia Alvarado

QC Manager

Rick Worley

Warehouse Manager

Delmy Zambrano

Packaging Supervisor

Meghan Ramirez